Solo travelShould I go on a solo trip to Istanbul as a female traveler?

I'm considering a solo trip to Istanbul. I've always desperately wanted to go and it isn't too expensive but none of my friends are interested. However, I've been advised by multiple people not to go to Turkey on my own. I was under the impression that (so long as I dressed ok etc) Turkey was very safe for solo female travelers. Any advice?

Posted: May 13, 2023


May 20, 2023

I traveled solo to Istanbul and faced no issues. I recommend staying at Jumba hostel, lovely place run by three sisters. The location is perfect in a cosy neighborhood. Istanbul is beautiful and lively, just book your tickets already girl!

May 13, 2023

Hi I went to Istanbul twice and the second time I was alone. Everything was perfect for me. Just choose a hotel close to everything near to sultan Ahmed or Aksaray (in case you are going to Istanbul) the city is very dynamic in the evening so don't worry about that but don't walk alone in isolated places on the evening. Becarefull with taxi drivers or sellers it's horrible to say but when they see tourists they see money so they will try to trick you. Enjoy your trip Istanbul is just amazing.

June 1, 2023

As a Turkish I suggest you to visit Nisantasi, Bebek sahil, Kadikoy, Besiktas after you done with touristic activities. Those are the nicest places and safe.

May 14, 2023

I’ve been to Istanbul solo several times. It’s pretty easy and very diverse.

May 13, 2023

Hi, I've been to Istanbul on my own too, no problems at all. Ahmed and Aksaray are definitely perfect places

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