TravelShould I book activities/hostels/transport in advance or wait until I'm in Thailand? What safety tips should I be aware of as a solo female traveler?

I'm going to Thailand in December for a month and I started to organize my route , activities , etc... what do you all recommend, book activities/hostels/train and bus tickets in advance or they can be booked a lot cheaper once I'm there? Also... as a solo women what should i be aware of regarding my safety? Do you carry any item which can help you ensure your safety?

Posted: November 5, 2022


November 10, 2022

Use Klook app to book tours in Asia. You don’t need to book everything in advance. Most hotels or hostels in backpackers area(Khoa San road) have travel desk. You can book a day trip for the next day and they always show up on time.

November 8, 2022

Hi! I traveled/lived in Thailand for eight months (Nov 2021-July2022). I’m not sure how long you’d be traveling in Thailand but I’d recommend not booking everything in advance as you might end up liking a certain area and would want to stay longer or so. How I did it is I planned one thing at a time as it’s easy to book flights, ferries, etc even once you’re there. I never had a problem moving around the country.

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