TravelRecommendations for Iceland in January?

Recommendations for Iceland in January?? I know Iceland changes dramatically with each season and each month has its own benefits. I’m just slightly worried I’ve booked too early in the year I’d like to see - ice caves, northern lights (obvs weather dependent), whale watching, blue lagoon, diamond beach, geysir, thingvellir national park… I’ll be hiring a car too

Posted: November 14, 2022


November 15, 2022

I‘ve been to iceland in january myself and I think it‘s a good time to travel because it‘s not that crowed but you should plan a bit ahead and contact the hotels in the less touristic places in advance cause some are closed and therefore the open ones are more likely to be fullybooked and of course: bring warm clothes 😉 hiring a car is the best option to travel around but depending on the weatherconditions you might need to drive a bit slower and need more time to get from A to B keept that in mind while planning your trip cause daylight is rare

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